Tara Richardson - Fine Artist - Author - Blogger

Heirloom Quality Custom Portraits Make Perfect Memories

I love to paint based off of family photos and to see the joy it brings to customer when they see their newly painted family heirloom.

How Does it Work?

I build up the painting in layers until it is finished. I use Corel Painter and a Intuos Wacom Professional Tablet.

Typically, I will spend between 10-15 hours on a custom art piece. Digital painting allows me to edit easily and reproduce an image many times making it an affordable choice for custom and fine art pieces.

I use photos only for inspiration and likeness of the subject. Everything else comes from artistic expression and technique.

Contact me at my Etsy's shop. You can purchase or ask a question about your one of a kind masterpiece.

Please attach a high res photo that will inspire your portrait in your email. I will respond to your initial email with questions to determine your preferences regarding the artistic style and medium, size, color palette, etc.

Your unique custom art prints will take about 7-10 days to complete, and I will send you proofs along the way so that you can suggest changes as needed.